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The Basque Youth Observatory

On this page you can obtain information about aid and grants for carrying out studies and work in youth-related areas via different entities.
 Aid- the deadline for submitting applications is open
 List: calls and resolutions


Subvenciones a entidades locales de la CAPV para impulsar la red de equipamientos juveniles en el ámbito local correspondiente a 2014

  Subventions for the development of Youth-related programmes and activities 2014

 Aid for the development of activities aimed at youth mobility or exchanges in 2014

 Call for entities to present projects for the 'Auzolandegiak' 2014 programme 



 Youth in Action Programme 2007-2013

This programme that supports youth cooperation, participation and initiatives began in 2007

The European "Youth in Action" programme will be in effect from 2007 to 2013. This new programme targets young people aged 15 to 28, although some actions are open to people between 13 and 30, and it replaces the "Youth Programme", which ended in 2006. 

The objective is to develop and support cooperation in youth affairs in the European Union. It aims to encourage the participation of young people in public life and promote a spirit of initiative, enterprise and creativity.

The 2013 guide and the forms are now available.

The "Youth in Action" programme will feature five actions

Deadline for submission of projects

For projects that begin between:

  • 1st May and 31st October: 1st February
  • 1st August and 31st January: 1st May
  • 1st January and 31st June: 1st October


 Subventions for the development, among young people, of programmes and activities related to education in democratic values and the culture of peace

 ORDER dated 9 May, 2012 (pdf, 280 kb). (Official Gazette of 28 February, 2012)

 Object: The object of the present Order is to regulate the granting of subventions for programmes that target young people and that promote educational activities on democratic values and the culture of peace to be developed throughout 2012.

 The deadline for submitting applications under the current

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